Teamwork Training Courses

What's So Great About High-Performance Teams?

Teamwork magic happens when the work of the team members is synergistic. This synergy consists of shared tasks, collective beliefs, valued behaviors, and common goals. When team members understand that high-performing teamwork is their responsibility, alignment, synergy, and results begin to occur. CMOE's Teamwork Training is a high-impact learning experience that helps participants understand how effective teams operate and how individual team members contribute to the development of a high-performance team.

Participants in CMOE's teamwork training and learning events learn how to:
  • Help the team evolve through the stages of team development.
  • Enhance collaboration and cooperation.
  • Contribute to the creative problem solving processes.
  • Make teams more cohesive and unified.
  • Build trust.
  • Make effective team decisions and plans.
  • Deliver on team and stakeholder expectations.
In addition to the learning areas listed above, training events can be customized to address unique team objectives and challenges enabling participants to walk away with clear action plans and tools to maximize positive results within their teams. Our Exploring Teamwork™ Assessment helps shed new light on a team's strengths and opportunities for improvement. We also utilize simulations, case studies, group discussions, models, and other proven techniques to ensure successful events and outcomes.

A high-performance team is a huge asset to a business. One of the many positive and beneficial characteristics of a high-performance team is their great capacity for innovation and adaptation. Teams of this caliber have the potential to produce better results in the quality of the services they provide and in their efficient use of company resources. A high-performance team brings a wide breadth of knowledge, experience, and skill to the table that is usually highly committed to the company because of the sense of community it provides the team members.

A high-performing team emanates positive pressure to conform to its high standards. While most teams have a multitude of conflicting goals and loyalties to worry about that can create tension and dissention among team members, high-performing teams possess the skills to work through these difficulties in order to produce better outcomes. Some team members may feel the need to dominate others and fail to listen to alternative points of view. However, the right team training will help team members to overcome obstacles like these, and many more, to create a team that is capable of strategic thinking and problem solving in constructive, innovative ways. With good team training, the team's sense of trust, cooperation, and sensitivity to others will develop and increase over time.

CMOE's teamwork training and learning events are highly interactive and provide each participant with instruction and individual feedback from our team of qualified and experienced instructors. The Teamwork trainings, workshops, and retreats can be delivered to intact teams, special project team, and groups of team members as stand-alone or modular learning experiences. Our teamwork training experiences range from half-day events in a classroom setting to multiple days of intense team interaction at remote locations throughout the world.

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