8 Essential Supervisor Training Skills

CMOE's Supervisor Training focuses on several key areas in order to help supervisors develop into effective leaders. Our Supervisor Training incorporates practical skills that teach supervisors how to accomplish the three "I's of effective leadership:" Initiate change, Introduce new ideas and Influence others. In order to successfully lead others, supervisors need to feel empowered and capable of exciting their team members and inspiring them to take action.

CMOE has identified eight sets of Supervisor Training skills that are essential to developing employees, including: Core Principles, Communication Skills, Managing Adversity, People Skills, Personal Vision, Establishing Credibility, Models & Mentors, and Seeing the "Big Picture." CMOE has conducted thorough research on the subject and has concluded that successful results in these eight areas make a dramatic impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization.

Our Supervisor Training Workshop consists of presentations, practice situations, experiential exercises, an easy-to-use Model, and opportunities for both individual and group feedback. This Supervisor Training is interactive, customized, visual, and based on the building of skills. We also strive to create an environment that sustains, strengthens, and extends the learning process.

Key Topics

1. Core Principles:
Participants will learn the qualities central to effective supervision and leadership, including patience, commitment, loyalty, respect and good judgment. Participants will also learn how to give and receive recognition and feedback.

2. Communication Skills:
Communication is essential to inspiring others to change, incorporating new ideas, and encouraging action in others. Participants will learn how to listen, comprehend, and provide constructive criticism. The communication component also focuses on being assertive while respectfully considering alternatives.

3. Managing Adversity:
Every team will experience some level of adversity. Innovative supervisors must learn how to be positive and open to change, personally improve, and rebound from setbacks. This module teaches supervisors how to harness the benefits of adversity and generate positive motivation among their team members.

4. People Skills:
A fundamental understanding of the human mind is essential when working with varied personalities. Participants will be given an overview of human behavior, as well as an introduction to thought processes and how people operate. This section will also address the value of differing personality styles and how to motivate and integrate markedly different people into a team approach at work.

5. Vision:
It is important for supervisors to have vision and for them to be capable of inspiring others, which involves identifying both personal and organizational core values and systems of belief. Employees will then be able to create goals centered around those beliefs and align their efforts to support the strategies behind that vision and mission.

6. Establishing Credibility:
In order for people to actively listen to their supervisor, that supervisor must first be credible and have influence over others. Participants will learn the importance of "paying their dues," and that credibility comes before influence.

7. Models & Mentors:
It is important for all supervisors and employees to have role models and mentors, and to be a model or mentor for others when appropriate. Participants will learn the skills of being a model and mentor and understand how to apply them with their direct reports.

8. Seeing the "Big Picture":
A key element in implementing change and influencing others for success, is understanding how each person fits into the whole organization and how he/she can add value and significance. Supervisors need to have a clear understanding of long and short term organizational strategy in order to blend their efforts with other functions, responsibilities, and disciplines.

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