Applied Strategic Thinking

The future is full of opportunity, but it takes the action of strategic thinkers to make the future exciting and productive. In today's rapidly changing business environment, managers and individual contributors alike need to have a broad perspective, vision, and an awareness of the cultural trends and business developments shaping their world. Many managers are so focused on delivering today's business results that they become preoccupied with fulfilling their daily responsibilities and fail to position themselves for long-term success.

CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking workshop is designed to help leaders and individual contributors find balance between meeting today's expectations and requirements and reaching for tomorrow's possibilities. To be successful, everyone must learn how to keep an eye on the opportunities, issues, and concerns that may affect future business results.

The Applied Strategic Thinking workshop is a highly interactive learning experience based on our book, Ahead of the Curve, which details the practical Applied Strategic Thinking Model and its related tools. This learning event provides rich exercises and opportunities for the development of practical skills that are designed to help managers and team members successfully capitalize on the forces and events that are shaping their future. The skills gained in this workshop are utilized by our client organizations around the world and serve individuals working at all levels and in a variety of industries.

Getting everyone in the organization thinking strategically will help the business in various ways:

  • Individuals become forward-thinking in their everyday roles.
  • Business units attain more traction and support for overarching strategies that drive bottom-line results.
  • Participants learn how to better balance their time and attention between daily operational pressures and longer-term strategic initiatives.
  • Individuals discover new sources of motivation and excitement in their work.
  • Participants develop skills in the course that promote the discovery of innovative solutions in the business environment.

CMOE's Applied Strategic Thinking workshop is built on adult learning principles and is highly experiential. Our consultants and facilitators give participants individualized attention and help them discover how the concepts and skills introduced during the workshop apply to their unique situations and areas of responsibility. We also incorporate individual skill and behavioral assessments that reveal each participant's strengths and opportunities for development.

Learning-Event Formats

Because each client is unique, we offer the Applied Strategic Thinking workshop in one-day, one-and-a-half-day, two-day, virtual, or blended-learning formats. We also provide a Train-the-Trainer certification option for clients who prefer to deliver the workshop using this approach.

Learning-Event Materials

  • Pre-workshop assignments
  • Strategic Thinking Assessment
  • Articles and/or books on strategic thinking
  • Comprehensive Participant Workbook
  • Strategic Thinking Models
  • Experiential exercises and simulations
  • Job aides and learning resources
  • The Strategic Road Map™ sustainability tool

Endorsements & Outcomes

As a result of this workshop, I feel I can really leverage strategic thinking in my day-to-day role in customer satisfaction.
-- Wendy P.
Your words of ‘Most of us are not challenged with Time Mgmt, but with Thinking Strategically’ is really hitting home with me and forcing me to better prioritize those strategic activities and pushing my non-strategic activities to others that may view them as strategic in their development.
-- Greg M.
I already sent a note to the Sr. VP letting him know how relevant this training was and endorsing the continuance of the program.
-- Ryan C.
This was a really unique and applicable experience. Thank you!
-- Karen J.
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