Research-Based Leadership Development

Today’s competitive and global business environment requires multi-faceted leaders who can apply new strategies to introduce change, energize business, and sustain competitive advantage.  Managers at all levels of an organization can no longer rely on their functional skills and know how; they have to develop the ability to:
  • Motivate the modern team.
  • Engage the workforce.
  • Find innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • Inspire others to achieve new levels of performance.
  • Become a vital part of the business’ effectiveness and success.
For over 35 years CMOE has delivered high quality, research-based leadership development courses and helped our clients make their leadership a strategic advantage.  We customize and deliver leadership development programs for all types of leaders:
  • High-potential leaders
  • New leaders
  • First-line leaders and supervisors
  • Individual contributors who influence others
  • Mid-level managers
  • Senior leaders
  • Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills
CMOE recognizes that each organization has its own unique leadership development needs and competencies that are integral to their success, so we provide courses are aligned with our client’s specific requirements and expectations rather than just “off-the-shelf” programs.    We adapt and modify our existing content to meet these requirements.  If the client does not have pre-determined topics for development, CMOE can conduct a needs analysis to gather data and identify the components of a program that will deliver maximum results.  Over our 35 year history, we have designed a wide-range of leadership development modules including the following topics:
  • Change
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict and Collaboration
  • Delegation
  • Diversity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Flexible Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Innovation
  • Measurement and Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Performance Development and Management
  • Qualities of Leadership
  • Relationship Building
  • Teamwork
  • Transition to Leadership
  • Trust and Credibility
CMOE Leadership Development Programs introduce the principles and competencies of skilled leadership and will help leaders
  1. Align with the organization’s strategy and create a compelling vision for their own team.
  2. Identify opportunities for improvement within their area of responsibility.
  3. Introduce change and out of the box thinking.
  4. Discover ways to work more effectively with their own team, other teams, and key stakeholders.
  5. Analyze and assess their personal leadership style.
  6. Develop skill sets on specific leadership topics.
  7. Measure and monitor performance based on key indicators and standards.
  8. Learn from and share best practices with other leaders.
We strive to deliver training and services that will drive organization effectiveness and promote changes in mindsets, behavior, commitment, and culture.  To accomplish this, our design and delivery format features the following elements:
  1. Pre-work
  2. Simulations and exercises
  3. Models and Tools
  4. Skills and How To’s
  5. Personal Feedback and Attention
  6. Assessments
  7. Case studies and demonstrations
  8. Transfer and Application Strategies
  9. Follow-up and Sustainability
The combination of our tested training methodologies and expert facilitators ensures a memorable and focused learning opportunity for participants. 

CMOE provides leadership training ranging from a one day session to a multiple day format or in modules that extend over time.  We also offer Train-the-Trainer services when needed.  Our mission is to partner with our clients to improve the performance of their employees and leaders, so in addition to providing support for leadership, we offer other premier and complete learning solutions for their teams and individual contributors.
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