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Leadership Coaching Services

To be a successful leader, one must have the skills to adapt quickly and thrive in changing environments. Great leaders teach and help others to adapt and succeed in changing environments as well. CMOE's Leadership Coaching helps individuals gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed at both the individual and team levels. We approach Leadership Coaching in two ways:
  1. High-potential or future leaders, new leaders, and senior leaders will all benefit from CMOE's Leadership Coaching. We partner closely with individual leaders and key stakeholders to identify behaviors that are contributing to the leader's success, as well as behaviors that are limiting their effectiveness. By understanding your specific needs through and a combination of data gathering, survey assessment, observation, and interviews, CMOE will customize a learning experience that will focus on each leader's current challenges and opportunities for improvement. Leadership Coaching will help clients do the following:
    • Identify their strengths and areas needing development
    • Give and receive constructive, open feedback to and from others
    • Identify and collaboratively create action plans for future development
    • Develop a sustainability plan to ensure successful implementation and long-term success
    • Identify resources, such as mentors, who can help guide participants through their learning process

  2. As previously mentioned, CMOE partners with clients to ensure that the learning is focused on relevant challenges and opportunities specific to each client. At times, clients have requested Curriculum-Based Leadership Coaching, meaning that CMOE will work in groups or one-on-one with leaders to help them master practical skills. These individuals will have the opportunity to learn and apply what leaders from Pfizer, HP, ChevronTexaco, and Wells Fargo, for example, have achieved while working with a highly qualified and experienced CMOE facilitator. Possible focus areas for Leadership Coaching can include but are not limited to the :
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