We Can Help You Increase Workplace Productivity

Increasing Workplace Productivity Can Be Simple

Increasing workplace productivity can be a challenging task for any organization. To encourage people to work more efficiently and to become more productive, organizations need to increase their team members’ personal engagement with business results; people must feel that they are directly linked to the results the business experiences, and this requires that the organization develop a process to achieve that goal. In combination, the people and the process propel the organization forward. 

Every business has a business plan, a budget, and a Profit & Loss statement. In addition to the money they need for standard operating expenses, organizations also spend vast amounts of money on their most important, most expensive asset: their people.  Increasing workplace productivity is about linking the business plan with the people plan.  To achieve this goal, and make a plan that links the goals of the business to the people who run it:

• You must understand what productivity looks like. What is it that you want or need to accomplish or achieve? What you must deliver on? 
• You must leverage your leadership by

a. Tying the efforts of your team members to the deliverables you have identified.
b. Helping team members understand their role in delivering outcomes and how they can help others understand the same.

• You must measure contribution and effort that in a way that is genuinely relevant, meaningful, and personally motivating for employees.

Increasing workplace productivity is not as difficult as some people might believe; it becomes even easier when you use CMOE’s proven process, one specifically designed for organizations that are

• Behind budget or experiencing budget shortfalls.
• More profitable than ever, but finding that business is down.
• Losing market share.
• Trying to reach last year’s numbers with fewer people.
• Seeking to drive organizational success by creating greater individual ownership and accountability among the organization’s members.
• In need of a framework to get them where they want or need to be.
• Interested in increasing profitability or productivity.

Are the people you rely on each day focused on the right things for the right reasons? To learn more about CMOE’s products and services—specifically those that can help increase productivity in the workplace and your organization’s overall profitability—please contact us.