Leading High Performance Teams

One of the distinguishing features of high-performance teams is the team's leader ability to bring people together. It takes a confident and skilled individual to manage tasks and lead people to greater team success. Team leaders have a unique challenge: they must work to blend different personalities and skills sets into an integrated whole that operates at peak performance.

In the Leading High Performance Teams Workshop and learning initiatives, CMOE blends rich content with experiences and challenges to help leaders discover improvement opportunities and reinforce their strengths. CMOE tailors the learning journey to focus in on critical team leadership topics:

  1. Facilitating the development of team goals and direction
  2. Gaining consensus and commitment from team members
  3. Leveraging and valuing differences and leading individual team members flexibly
  4. Enhancing team-member trust and the team relationships
  5. Communicating effectively across the team
  6. Handling conflict among team members
  7. Unleashing the motivation, ideas, and potential of your team members
  8. Establishing accountability and focusing on bottom line results
  9. Ensuring alignment with the organization and the extended team
  10. Developing decision-making flexibility
This learning experience is designed to focus on the values, principles, and characteristics of successful team leaders and provides participants with the opportunity to explore strategies to unlock team potential. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the learning is the introduction of practical, hands-on "Team Tools" that team leaders can implement with their own teams to maximize team performance. This learning initiative includes the development of action plans and sustainability strategies, so team leaders can apply the skills, principles, and tools in their own team environment.

Comprehensive Learning Materials include:
  • Comprehensive Participant Workbook
  • Exploring Teamwork Model
  • Experiential Exercise Materials
  • Exploring Teamwork Survey
  • Other Customized Materials
The Leading High Performance Teams learning initiative can be delivered in half, one, two, or three day learning formats.  It is also available as a web based and blended learning option. This experience can be held onsite at your place of business or at an offsite retreat location where active, experiential learning exercises can be utilized. We also offer Train-the-Trainer services enabling internal personnel to deliver the Leading High Performance Teams workshop and learning experiences: once certified to deliver the learning, clients simply purchase materials from CMOE and deliver the High Performance Teams experience at times and places that are most convenient.

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