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Executive Coaching

Why consider executive coaching?

Members of the executive leadership team face myriad challenges, uncertainties, and demands every single day. The decisions and actions of these leaders affect shareholders, customers, and employees, so they must work hard to satisfy the competing demands of these stakeholders, a difficult task even under the best of circumstances. In addition, these leaders constantly battle time pressures and stress, both inside and outside of the workplace. With all there is for organizational leaders to do and consider, having an external resource available to help these individuals think through leadership issues can be enormously helpful.

Research suggests that leaders and executives who receive personalized coaching are more likely to excel and continue to grow as leaders. By communicating and leading more effectively (and building a network of allies to help them execute crucial tasks), they will also develop better working relationships with their peers, direct reports, and bosses.

For over 35 years, CMOE has specialized in helping senior leaders and leaders at all levels achieve their full potential, transform the organization, and solve difficult problems.

How does it work?

CMOE offers personal, customized, one-on-one coaching to top executive looking for a path to the next level. CMOE coaches use their deep knowledge of leadership best practices and real-world experience in a wide variety of industries to provide leaders with a fresh perspective on the dilemmas they must resolve in order to help the firm stay competitive and produce better results for shareholders and customers, as well as engage the minds and hearts of every member of the organization.

Executives who are mentored by CMOE coaches are able to unleash team-member motivation, model exemplary behavior, and shape beliefs that shape actions, ultimately helping the organization to achieve better results.

What topics are covered in executive coaching?

There are many reasons why leaders may wish to engage in one-on-one executive coaching; each leader is different and the challenges they face will vary. The following is a list that illustrates the range of issues that might be covered by an executive-coaching program. This list is based on the leadership needs that our CMOE coaches have most recently addressed:

  • Helping leaders shift from a micro-managerial, command-and-control style of management to a more collaborative leadership style.
  • Helping executives increase productivity and produce better results in an underperforming organization.
  • Helping leaders create an organizational culture of accountability and empowerment.
  • Helping leaders build creative, high-performing teams by helping their team members to work through interpersonal tension and discord.
  • Working with executives to refresh their business strategy and set a new direction for the business or individual departments they oversee.
  • Helping executives enhance their communication skills and ability to successfully interact with others; focusing specifically on coaching, providing useful feedback, and setting expectations.
  • Helping executives manage-up with their own leaders.
  • Helping leaders as they prepare for new roles or the launch of an important new project.

The need for superior leadership skills has never been greater, and executive coaching has the power to give your leaders an edge, build a cohesive work environment, and help your business thrive. Regardless of the reasons why you or your leaders may be considering an executive-coaching program, CMOE's team of coaches can help.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and explore how we can assist the leaders in your organization in their quest for success.

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