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Our Suite of Coaching Skills Training Products

Now more than ever before, businesses need talented leaders who can unleash the untapped potential and discretionary performance of every member of the organization through coaching.

Leaders who engage their team members through coaching are able to build commitment to the organization's goals, invite team members to participate as partners in the business, help maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace, and transform the organization in a way that is truly sustainable over the long term.

In order to achieve these superior performance results while growing the business for the future, leaders must develop their coaching capabilities. CMOE has been at the forefront of providing businesses with coaching training and resources for more than 35 years and we have worked with leaders from all types of industries in organizations around the world.

The Coaching TIPS2TM workshop helps leaders understand the principles and fundamentals of coaching for performance improvement as well as growth and development. This premier coaching program is based on years of research and is built around a flexible learning tool, a "roadmap" that helps participants build the skills, abilities, and confidence necessary to become highly effective coaches and drive bottom-line results for their organization.

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