What Is A Courageous Conversation?

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Let me start off by telling you a little bit as to what I think Courageous Conversations is and maybe even more importantly what it’s not.  Let me start off by saying what it’s not.

This workshop is not designed to help make all of your difficult conversations more comfortable.  Chances are they may never be comfortable just because of the nature of the conversation.

If I need to sit down with one of my direct reports and give them feedback about their performance, you know what, that may never be comfortable, but I can learn to be more effective if I choose to deliver that message.

So again let’s not talk about comfort, let’s talk about effectiveness.  I would also say it’s not a gimmick, it’s not going to be some five step process that you memorize and it’s going to make all your difficult conversations go away it’s going to be a framework to help smart, caring, confident, hardworking people like us when confronted with these challenging, difficult conversations know what’s effective and what’s not and how we can hopefully get the issues resolved that need to be resolved.

Is that fair enough?  Again, I’ve mentioned, it’s not as much about changing the other person as it is looking at what we may be doing that is getting us into trouble.

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