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Conflict Avoiding Generation

The New York Times recently did some anecdotal research on feeling awkward with talking to friends, in person, to resolve differences. Of course, these social habits are likely to rub off into the work place, and may affect your employees and therefore your business. Do you see a problem with your employees not being able […]


Understanding Communication In A Fast Moving World

OMG, RU GOING CRAZY = Oh My Goodness, Are You Going Crazy! Can you read the above line?  If you can’t, it is because technological communication is rapidly changing into encrypted messages like this, which is an unfamiliar form of communication for you!  Emails, instant messaging, and text messaging are a few of the most […]


Do You Avoid Face to Face Communication?

Recently, I was at a hardware store getting supplies for a leadership development exercise CMOE was creating for one of our workshops. The store was silent. In fact, it appeared I was the only customer shopping. As I approached the checkout lines, I wanted the quickest way to pay and get out of the store. […]